Bring on the battle of the fast, furious and famous. That’s right Global Poker players, we’re pretty dang excited to announce the launch of our first ever Global Poker Celebrity Challenge. Launching on 18 September, this is your chance to show off your skills against some of the biggest, baddest names in the game. And we don’t just mean the poker game, oh no! Prepare to be blown away as an elite line-up of music maestros and sporting legends converge for an epic poker battle like never before.


Watch the drama unfold as four of our favorite poker playing celebs go head-to-head to prove just how good they are on the virtual felt.


But we don’t want you sitting on the sidelines; we want you in on the action.


So, to make it even more of a challenge, we’re giving you the chance to shine in the spotlight too. As well as four celebrity heads-up challenges where each celeb plays against the other, there will also be four Celebrity Challenge Finals where you’ll get the chance to compete against each of our celebrity poker stars. Think you’ve got what it takes to take them down?




The stage is set for a dramatic showdown with basketball superstars Paul George and Karl-Anthony Towns, legendary athlete Michael Phelps, and master of beats, DJ Khaled. Now that’s a cracker of a line-up, even if we do say so ourselves.


Get ready to witness the clash of giants, the triumph of wit, and the rush of adrenaline as our four formidable celebs go all-in for glory.


But who will be the real star of the table? Tune in on the 14 November to find out!


DJ Khaled dropped some serious beats, but were his moves good enough? Watch the DJ Khaled Celebrity Challenge highlights right here!


Michael Phelps went up against DJ Khaled. But who was quickest off the mark? Watch the highlights here!


Karl-Anthony Towns vs. Michael Phelps. Who came out on top? Watch the highlights here!


Who beat who in the Paul George and Karl-Anthony Towns heads-up battle? Watch our Celebrity Challenge highlights to find out!



So here’s the scoop, players. This is how it will work. Pay attention, there are a few moving parts, But hey, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were simple, right?



In a nutshell, we’ve got four celebrities who will play a series of heads-up games against each other, running from 18 September right through until 13 November. Each celeb will challenge the next to a heads-up poker battle. They’ve got three games to prove themselves! Whoever wins the best of three then donates $10,000 to a charity of their choice.


There are four celebrity heads-up challenges in total, and we’ll be releasing footage of each of them right here on GlobalPoker.com. So don’t forget to come back to this page to tune in!


Watch these celebs go full throttle as they fight to claim their seat at the Global Poker table.


Check out our Promotion Rules for the full rundown.



Before each celebrity showdown, we’ll also be launching a series of Sweeps Coin qualifying events for Global Poker players to participate in.


There will be eight Qualifiers in total for each Celebrity Challenge. Players will compete for the chance to win a slice of the prize pool, exclusive Global Poker swag signed by none other than our celebrity poker stars themselves, and to secure a place in the Celebrity Challenge Final, where they’ll get to play against one of the celebs.


Each celebrity will host their own Celebrity Final Challenge (so four in total). One player from each Qualifier will go through to the Final. Those eight Finalists will get to battle it out against each other and one celebrity, for a chance to win a place in the Global Poker Celebrity Challenge Grand Final.



After the four Celebrity Challenges, we’ll be wrapping things up in November with two Grand Finals—one for the celebs; one for the Global Poker finalists.


Four Global Poker finalists from each Celebrity Challenge Final will get the opportunity to participate in our Global Poker Celebrity Challenge Grand Final on 12 November. They will compete for a chance to win a rather special Ferrari Race Day experience—an all-expenses paid trip to a Ferrari Race Day experience of their choice in North America.


Our four celebs will be dealt a slightly different hand—they’ll get to battle it out against each other in the Celebrity Challenge Grand Final on 13 November. Only one celebrity can claim the top spot, but the top three winners will donate $90,000 between them to charities of their choice. Who will fold first?


Check out our Promotion Rules for the full rundown.



Running September 18 until November 13, bragging rights—and the chance to win some pretty slick prizes—could be yours for the taking in this star-studded showdown.


We’ll be kicking off on the court on 18 September with basketball dynamo Paul George. For the full schedule of events, just click on Paul George’s Celebrity Challenge below to find out all the details.


Check out the dates below for a full list of Celebrity Challenge events.

Event Date
Paul George Celebrity Challenge 19 September - 1 October
Karl-Anthony Towns Celebrity Challenge 3 - 15 October
Michael Phelps Celebrity Challenge 16 - 29 October
DJ Khaled Celebrity Challenge 31 October - 12 November
Global Poker Player Celebrity Challenge Grand Final 12 November
Celebrity Challenge Grand Final 13 November 

Get your head in the game and register for one or more—or even all of them if you fancy it—of these qualifiers. This is your moment to shine.



Celebrity Challenge winners will not only get to gloat about crushing their favorite celeb, they also stand to win some pretty nifty prizes too.



Players who make it through the Sweeps Coin Qualifiers stand to win a share of the prize pool, plus a celebrity signed Global Poker T-shirt—whichever celebrity challenge you play in will decipher which celebrity signature you'll get!—if you’re not a large, sadly this T-shirt will only be for show. But hey, it will make a great addition to the trophy shelf!


They’ll also secure a place in the Celebrity Challenge Final, where players will compete against one of our celebrities—e.g. if you make it as a Finalist in the Paul George Qualifier, you will get to play in the Paul George Celebrity Challenge Final—and the remaining qualifying Finalists for a spot in the Global Poker Celebrity Challenge Grand Final.



This is where things get interesting! The eight winners from the Qualifiers will be up against either Paul George, Karl-Anthony Towns, Michael Phelps, or DJ Khaled in the Celebrity Challenge Final. There will be four Celebrity Finals in total. The four winners from each final will secure a spot in the Grand Final, along with a signed Ferrari race helmet.



Crush the competition in the Grand Final to claim the first ever Global Poker Celebrity Challenge title, and the chance to win the ultimate Ferrari experience; an all-expenses paid trip to a Ferrari Race Day experience of their choice in North America.


Check out our Promotion Rules for the full rundown.


These guys might have fame and glory, but can they keep a poker face? All will be revealed in our Celebrity Challenge Grand Final. Watch Paul George, Karl-Anthony Towns, Michael Phelps, and DJ Khaled as they lay it all on the line in the ultimate celebrity showdown. Who will have the most forceful hand? Only one winner gets to walk away with victory.


The final winner will also get the opportunity to donate $40,000 to a charity of their choice; second place $30,000; third place $20,000.


Watch the highlights of the final on the video below!


Make sure you’re registered with Global Poker for your chance to battle it out against the best. Are you up to the challenge? There’s only one way to find out…