Gold beats could be yours for the taking with our straight outta Goldie challenge, 

Gold Digger! Spin three Gold Coin challenges to access three SC1.1 buy-in Sweeps Coin Shovefests, and at the end of the month, you could be in with a chance of winning up to SC85,000 in added Sweeps Coin prizes! Can you dig it?


Exploding on April 1, gold hungry hustlers can dig deep — literally! We’re about to drop a gold miner’s arsenal to help you smash through those nuggets with more force than a G-funk beat. Every month, we’re digging up three Gold Coin spin challenges for you to bust through like a boss.


Ace a challenge, and you’ll snag a golden key, unlocking access to one SC1.1 entry Sweeps Coin Shovefest Tournament. There are three individual challenges to work through. Complete each challenge and you’ll get access to one of three Sweeps Coin Shovefests, each worth their weight in gold (seriously, we’re giving away SC85,000 in added Sweeps Coin prizes every single month!). And with the likes of Shovefests Dust HustlerSugar Mama, and The Mother Lode to bring it home, you’ll be burning through those gold stacks like no one’s business.



Every month we’ll be releasing three separate Gold Coin spin challenges. Gold diggers have one month to complete one or all challenges. Each challenge unlocks access to a specific SC1.1 entry Shovefest tournament. You’ll have to clear each challenge separately to gain access to each Shovefest.


Challenge 1: Play 5,000 GC spins on Star Spell to unlock access to "Dust Hustler"
Challenge 2: Play 10,000 GC spins on Fruit Smash to unlock access to "Sugar Mama"
Challenge 3: Play 25,000 GC spins on Thunder Wheel to unlock access to "The Mother Lode"

Hustlers who complete each monthly challenge will get the chance to access corresponding Shovefest tournaments on the last day of the month. And that’s every month!

DUST HUSTLERS SC 10,000 Added [All-In] 9:05 pm ET
SUGAR MAMA SC 25,000 Added [All-In] 9:10 pm ET
THE MOTHER LODE SC 50,000 Added [All-In] 9:15 pm ET

Shovefest tournaments will run monthly (on the last day of each month at the same times listed above), with qualification period starting at 00:01 ET on the 1st of each month.


Note: Once you've completed your spin challenge, you're qualified for the respective Shovefest tournament. To secure your seat in each Shovefest tournament, simply register with SC1.1 and cross your fingers for good luck!


Time to dig deep and get hustlin’!



Don’t know where to start digging? Don’t sweat it. Here’s how to find your Gold Digger challenges.


1. First up, click on the star icon in the top left of the screen (pictured below).


2. You’ll find two challenges (as per the image below):

Ongoing Challenges — these challenges refresh daily, weekly or monthly.

Promotional Challenges — these are only available for set periods of time

You’ll find each monthly Gold Digger Gold Coin spin challenge in Promotional Challenges.


3. Once you’ve completed one (or all) of your Gold Digger Gold Coin spin challenges, you’ll have the option to claim your prize (see that big red button below?) — your right to register for the Gold Digger Shovefest tournament. You must claim your prize in order to register for each of the Shovefest tournaments.


4. Once your prize has been claimed, it will be marked as “completed” and will be moved to the bottom of the Challenges Modal. Here, you can look back at the challenges you’ve completed within this time period. You can also look up the details of all the tournaments you’ve unlocked. Now you’re ready to register for your Gold Digger Shovefest tournament. Will it be Dust Hustler, Sugar Mama or The Mother Lode?