GC100,000,000 AND SC250,000 FINALS


We are practically giddy with excitement to announce that we’ve partnered with the biggest, baddest, boldest poker news website on the planet to bring you the very first Global Poker x PokerNews Cup.


Debuting on April 10 2023, we’ve got a mammoth line-up of spectacular events where you can grapple, grind—hell, you can even growl if you want to; we won’t stop you—your way to glory with three weeks of non-stop, nail-biting action; and of course in true Global Poker style, some pretty epic prizes up for grabs.


You’ve got to be in it to win it, so make haste like a bat out of hell to secure your spot!


Here’s the scoop—but make sure you check out our Promotion Rules for all the details.



Running April 10–30, revel in all kinds of riotous fun, where you can fight your way to a spot in the Final for the chance to win some epic prizes.


  • 32 unique Global Poker x PokerNews Cup trophies to be won!
  • GC100,000,000 and SC250,000 Final Giveaways
  • GC Final 1st place stands to get GC40 million, everyone else stands to get a minimum of GC400,000
  • SC Final 1st place stands to get SC100,000, everyone else stands to get a minimum of SC1,000
  • 14 GC + 14 SC Qualifiers held between April 10 – 23 — you have to qualify to make it to the final events, so you’ll have to be quick off the mark!
  • GC11,000 and SC11 entry amounts to enter the Qualifiers
  • Note that this is not a satellite event but the full prize pool of the qualifying events will be given to players in winning positions. It’s a double whammy!
  • 1 GC Quarter Final + 1 Semi-Final + 1 Final
  • 1 SC Quarter Final + 1 Semi-Final + 1 Final — with plenty of ways to qualify for free!
  • No need to part with your Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins to make it to the final — in fact, you can ONLY win your way to an entry in the QF, SF or Final. You have to earn the right to be there. Enter through the Qualifiers to nab yourself a spot.
  • We’ll also be giving away entries via our Spring Carnival (running April 3 – 9), a last chance PokerNews Cup Wildcard Freeroll on Tuesday 25, and further entries on our Social channels—be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter so you don’t miss out!
  • 54 seats in each Final up for grabs + plenty of prizes!
  • Exclusive new co-branded swag for Gold Coin events
  • Amazing Leaderboard prizes up for grabs



Ok, it breaks down like this…


Enter one of the qualifying daily events in weeks one and two—running April 10–30 with GC11,000 and SC11 entry amounts and GC40 million and SC10,000 in total prizes guaranteed. If you win, well done, you’re in the Final, baby. You can play one or all of them. (But definitely play all of them, for the chance to get on the Leaderboard…)


Make the final table in one of the qualifying events—oooh, look at you, you’re in the Semi-Final.


If you're one of the remaining 50 players in a qualifying event (minus the final table players), you, my friend, get to the Quarter Final. Oooh-wee.


The top 90 from the Quarter Final go into the Semi-Final, joining the final table players from the qualifying events from weeks one and two (April 10–23).


The top 36 from the Semi-Final make it to the Final, joining the 14 winners from the qualifying events from weeks one and two, plus the 4 Wildcard entries.


The Final is where all the hard work and focus of the previous three weeks culminates in a clash of the best, and to decide who is crowned the champ.


And in the words of someone somewhere, a picture paints a thousand words. So, here, for your enjoyment, is an infographic of how you could become the chosen one.



Get ready to crush the competition with an off the wall line-up of PokerNews Cup events.


Take a look at the schedules below for the full list of Global Poker x PokerNews Cup Gold Coin and Sweeps Coins events.





Across the 3 weeks of the Global Poker x PokerNews Cup, we’ll have two SC2.2 satellites running EACH DAY, with one on the eve of the Qualifier and one a couple of hours before.



Did we mention we’re giving away GC100,000,000 and SC250,000 in Final Giveaways? Of course we did. But what we didn’t say, is that there’s a whole heap of prizes you absolute players could stand to win.


We’ve got trophies, swag and prizes aplenty, including a first prize of GC40 million for first place in the Gold Coin Final, and SC100,000 for first place in the Sweeps Coin Final.


Hold your horses, matey, we’re not finished! Finalists in both Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin Finals also stand to win—at least GC400,000 and SC1,000 respectively.


Here’s another breakdown. Heck, let’s make it a break dance.



Dominate the table and you could walk away with one of these glistening gems. Ooh, look at the shine on that.

During weeks one and two, both Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin event winners stand to win one of these epic, custom glass trophies.
Leaderboard winners, from both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins play, stand to win one of these clearly amazing glass trophies, standing an impressive 18” tall.
trophy (1)
The winners of the Final—for both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins—will stand to receive this unique, amazing Global Poker x PokerNews Cup Final Trophy.


You know we don’t mess around when it comes to merch, so we’ve designed some sweet new threads that are well worth playing for.


Gold Coin players stand to receive some of our slick new Global Poker x PokerNews Cup swag. You’ll be hot stepping in these socks, oh yeah.



Gold Coin Leaderboard finishers stand to receive prizes galore, from a range of swag, including a Global Poker X PokerNews Cup trophy for the winner, hoodies, T-shirts, caps, socks and tournament entries.


See our Prize Page and Promotion Rules for full details of how you can qualify for this awesomeness.


For Sweeps Coin Leaderboard finishers, you’ll look flash wearing our Global Poker hoodie, T-shirt and cap.


Make it to the top of the Sweeps Coin Leaderboard and not only do you walk away with well-deserved bragging rights, you also stand to win an impressive $5,000. It’s raining prizes in this PokerNews Cup! We hope you’ve got your umbrella.

Our prizes are pretty extensive and detailed, so for a full rundown, take a look at this Prize Page

And check our Promotion Rules for all the nitty gritty.

avatars (1)


Crush your opponents with an exclusive Global Poker x PokerNews Cup avatar. These beauties will be awarded to all 54 Final participants (both Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin events). We’ll also have special versions for the leaderboard and the two winners of the Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin Finals. But don’t worry, even if you don’t make it all the way, there will also be a PokerNews Cup avatar you can get with Gold Coins.



Make sure you’re registered with Global Poker for your chance to compete in this momentous tournament. Who will come out on top? There’s only one way to find out…