It might not have a sting in its tail, but this snake’s story has legs, and we’re not afraid to run with it. Sorry, we meant slither.

So get ready to shake, rattle and roll. The Global Poker Championship Rattlesnake Open is back with a ssssssserious bite, and this year it has the highest ever Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin guarantees in a GPC series. Snake your way over to our Promotion Rules for all the details.

GC 878,000,000 & SC 1,900,000 IN TOTAL PRIZES GUARANTEED!

You won’t need to charm your way at the tables, playing online at Global Poker means you can pull any poker face you like, no one will be any the wiser.

Rattlesnake Open V will see more players rattle it out for more prizes, and even more fun. More action, bigger prizes, more slither, more rattle, more bite, more snake! Running May 9–30, will you be the head or the tail? Just look at the fangtastic prizes you’re playing for!


  • 23 days of slithering action
  • 116 GC events
  • 116 SC events
  • 230 straight-up legit unique Rattlesnake Open V trophies!
  • Our highest ever event guarantees in a GPC series:
    • GC 878,000,000 in total prizes guaranteed!
    • SC 1,900,000 in total prizes guaranteed!
  • Main Events GC 40M and SC 200K 1 Rebuy 1 Add-on in total prizes guaranteed!
    • “GPC Rattlesnake 31-H: Main Event NLHE GC 40,000,000 Guaranteed [1R1A, Deep]” tournament
    • “GPC Rattlesnake 31-H: Main Event NLHE SC 200,000 Guaranteed [1R1A, Deep]” tournament
  • EXCLUSIVE, money-can’t-buy Global Poker Champion Packs, including Rattlesnake Open specific merchandise!*
  • The SC Leaderboard winner has a chance to REPRESENT Global Poker in a LIVE poker tournament of their choice!
  • Epic prizes to be won throughout the entire championship for our weekly Leaderboard winners!

Check out our Rattlesnake Open V Promotion Rules for more details.



Rattlesnake Open V Opening GC 2,000,000 & SC 5,000 Freeroll Sunday May 8, 2:00 pm ET

Don’t miss out on the Opening Freeroll! It’s your chance to win Rattlesnake Open V tournament entries! You know what they say; you snooze, you lose.

Rattlesnake Open V Pop-Up Freerolls
Saturday May 7 | Sunday May 8
Saturday May 14 | Sunday May 15
Saturday May 21 | Sunday May 22

Keep your eyes peeled on these days between 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm ET because we have three GC 200,000 and three SC 500 pop-up freeroll tournaments per day taking place at random times. Find out an hour before the Freeroll starts to be in with a chance of winning Rattlesnake Open V tournament entries!

Lost Sock Memorial Day Tournament GC 20,000,000 & SC 35,000 Guaranteed Monday May 9, 9:30pm ET

Lost what day? Yep, you read it right—on this day we commemorate all those socks that went AWOL somewhere between our feet and the dryer.

Players in 1st to 20th place, for both GC and SC, stand to win some stylish, exclusive Global Poker socks and more. Don’t get cold feet, so sock it to the competition and there could be some fun prizes up for grabs. But please, no socks and sandals.

Put your best foot forward and check out our Promotion Rules for full details.

Friday the 13th Tournament GC 20,000,000 & SC 30,000 Guaranteed

The scariest day in May—Friday the 13th—will be your chance to win an exclusive Global Poker hockey mask! The top 20 players in both the GC and SC event stand to win one of 20 of these scary, exclusive Global Poker Rattlesnake Open V hockey masks

The stuff that nightmares are made of. Save it for Halloween and you’ve got your costume sorted. Or don’t wait—scare the life out of your mother-in-law now!

See our Promotion Rules for full details.


With 22 days of snaketastic events, players can strike into action in a bid to be crowned the Rattlesnake Open V Leaderboard Winner, and win some off the scale prizes and trophies to go with it. Think you can charm your way to the top?

Take a look at the schedules below for the full Rattlesnake Open V Gold Coin and Sweeps Coins events.



All event winners—from both Gold Coin and Sweeps Coins events—stand to win an exclusive Champion Pack packed with goodies, including the Rattlesnake Open V Trophy. The Gold Coin Champion Pack includes an exclusive Global Poker Rattlesnake Open V hoodie, T-Shirt (in a choice of two colors), and cap. The Sweeps Coin Champion Pack includes the exclusive, classic Global Poker hoodie, T-shirt and cap in a choice of black, red or white.

Gold Coin winners will stand to receive the bad@ss trophy as well as exclusive Rattlesnake Open V specific apparel, featuring the brand new Rattlesnake Open logo and a choice between two amazing T-shirt designs. They’re bound to become fan favorites, so make sure you’re playing with Gold Coins for your chance to wriggle away with some awesome goodies.

Sweeps Coins winners will stand to receive a trophy and apparel in their choice of color—black, red or white (subject to availability). Made exclusively for Global Poker, our embroidered hoodies will keep you warm when you need it, but always looking cool, and our T-shirt will become your favorite we’re sure. Our caps look good anywhere. Although we are slightly biased.

rattlesnake trophy
Rattlesnake merchandise


Both winners and participants stand a chance to add these to their avatar collection.

rattlesnake merchandise


This year we’re shaking—sorry, snaking—things up with a series of leaderboards to determine the overall Rattlesnake winners. Snake your way to the top of the main leaderboard for a chance to snap up some sweet prizes.

That’s not all—we’re adding a little more bite to your prize bag with three weekly leaderboards, where the top players each week will get the chance to score even more epic prizes. Snake got your attention?

Check out the Rattlesnake Leaderboards below.


Winners of the main leaderboards stand to win the following:


1st place—GC 5,000,000 + Rattlesnake Open V hoodie, T-shirt & cap
2nd place—GC 1,000,000 + Rattlesnake Open V T-shirt & cap
3rd place—GC 900,000 + Rattlesnake Open V T-shirt & cap
4th place—GC 800,000 + Rattlesnake Open V T-shirt
5th place—GC 700,000 + Rattlesnake Open V T-shirt
6th place—GC 550,000 + Rattlesnake Open V T-shirt
7th place—GC 450,000 + Rattlesnake Open V cap
8th place—GC 350,000 + Rattlesnake Open V cap
9th place—GC 250,000 + Rattlesnake Open V cap
10th place—GC 100,000 + Rattlesnake Open V cap


1st place—$2,500 in cash, opportunity to represent Global Poker at a Live Event and another $2,500 to help with this + Global Poker hoodie, T-shirt & cap
2nd place—SC 1,000 + Global Poker T-shirt & cap
3rd place—SC 900 + Global Poker T-shirt & cap
4th place—SC 800 + Global Poker T-shirt
5th place—SC 700 + Global Poker T-shirt
6th place—SC 550 + Global Poker T-shirt
7th place—SC 450 + Global Poker cap
8th place—SC 350 + Global Poker cap
9th place—SC 250 + Global Poker cap
10th place—SC 100 + Global Poker cap

Weekly leaderboard winners also stand to win some fantastic prizes – see Promotion Rules for full details.

Hometown Heroes

Rattlesnake Hometown Heroes

All Champion Pack winners are eligible to enter the Hometown Heroes promotion. Wear your Global Poker merch and show off your trophy to showcase your special part of the world and you might pick up some free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins in the process. Follow us on social media to see the other Hometown Heroes bagging some free prizes!

Hometown Heroes is open to all players who receive a Champions Pack for winning a Rattlesnake Open V Tournament or the Tournament of Champions. These players have the chance to get their hands on extra free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins simply for sharing some Global Poker love via one of our social media channels—Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out our Hometown Heroes Rules Page for the skinny on how you might be able to get some extra prizes.


Play in the weekly tournaments you love, and the chance to win even bigger prizes! During the dates of Rattlesnake Open V, the Saturday Slam, Saturday Slash, Saturday Swish, Sunday Teaser, Sunday Spotzz, and Sunday Scrimmage will be replaced by Rattlesnake Open V tournament editions, at the same time.

Make sure you’re registered with Global Poker to play in the Championship, and get ready to put some bite into your poker during the month of May!

* Rattlesnake Open V specific merchandise available to Gold Coin events only.