The Global Poker Clock App is the perfect companion for all your live tournament games, whether it’s for a casual game with friends or something more serious!

5 Star Rating: Home Games, College Games & Pub Games.

We know you love playing on Global Poker, but there’s no denying that the feeling of those chips rolling between your fingers, the touch of felt, and staring down an opponent in the flesh… they all have a special allure.
We are proud to present our free Global Poker Clock, a poker timer enabling you to customize and manage your home games easily, at the touch of a button.

How Does Global Poker Clock Help?

  • Free Download - The Global Poker Clock app is free and the perfect poker time and management utility. Available for both iPhone and Android devices.

  • Flexible Settings - Never again worry about when the blinds go up, what they should go up to, and when it’s time to ante up. Simply select your desired duration, enter the number of players and your starting stacks, and the app will create the perfect tournamnet blind structure so you can replicate the Global Poker experience at home!

  • Quick & Easy - Jump straight into Quick Start, use one of our default settings to get going straight away, and let it keep track of the current and upcoming blinds while you focus on defeating the competition! If the default settings don’t work for you, change them however you like! Need even more customization? Jump into Tournament mode, where you’ll be able to further customize the blinds and configure time breaks for your game.

How Does The Global Poker Clock Work?

In live tournaments, players are infuriated by missing blinds or skipping blinds, it’s a real pain point for players. However, Global Poker has made it their business to put a stop to this. So, what exactly is a poker timer and how does it work?

A poker clock timer tracks blind levels so players no longer are uncertain about stages of the tournament and when it’s on players to act and how much. Simply put, the poker clock makes it the easiest way to stay on top of your poker home games.

You’ll be able to set the blind levels and the number of players in your game. You can easily set up small and big blind amounts, as well as any antes. You can select a number of tournament structures: standard, turbo or deepstack format with longer levels, poker timer will make certain that everything runs smoothly. You can select timings based off the game type of poker, if you need to adjust the speed and blind timings accordingly; for example, a Texas Hold’em round is very different from a Pot Limit Omaha round.

This simple poker tool will make your poker games speedier and better organized – giving you a more enjoyable time at the table.