Crazy Pineapple, just like other popular poker variants, is played with a 52-card deck shuffled automatically after every deal in the online version. It is similar to Texas Hold’em except there are 3 hole cards dealt to each player instead of two hole cards. The game begins minimum with the two players sitting left to the dealer posting forced blinds or forced bets before the deal. Each player has an option to check, bet, raise, call or fold during the various stages of the game.


  • Pre-Flop: Once all the players on the table received their 3 hole cards, the player sitting left to the Big Blind starts the action. Every player has a turn to act in a clockwise turn of pre-flop betting round until all players have bet same amount, went all-in, or folded the cards.
  • Flop: Once the pre-flop round of betting is completed, 3 flop cards are dealt face up on the table. The flop round begins with the player sitting to the left to the dealer button. This is when the players assess their hands by combining 2 out of their hole cards and the 3 community cards on the table. This is considered the turning point of the game as after this betting round, each player will discard one hole card.
  • Turn: Once the flop betting round is completed and all players have discard the extra hole card, a Turn Card is dealt face up. The players then, will have another round of betting starting from the player sitting left to the dealer button. Every player gets his chance to act in a clockwise turn
  • River: When the 5th community card, known as the River card, is dealt, the game enters its last phase. The last betting round begins with the player sitting left to the dealer button and acts in a clockwise turn until all players have bet equal amounts, folded, or went all-in.
  • Showdown: The Showdown happens when all players left in the game show their cards. The player holding the best 5-card combination is declared the winner and his/her winning cards move upwards. The winner get the money in the pot. In cases where 2 or more players win, the money in the pot is divided between them. The dealer button moves to the next player in the clockwise direction so the next new game can start.



Every time after a game, the button moves in a clockwise direction and the player to the left of the previous dealer becomes the new dealer. When the first game begins on a new table, that player becomes dealer who sits nearest to the left of the dealer in the game area and is not disconnected or “sit-out”. The dealer becomes small blind when it comes to a heads-up game. The betting round starts once the dealer is chosen and marked with a dealer button. The player sitting left to the dealer puts in the small blind, while the player sitting next to the small blind in a clockwise turn becomes the big blind before dealing the hole cards. Though the amount of bets are pre-decided for each game depending on the stakes, the Big Blind is always twice the amount of the Small Blind.

A player may perform 4 actions for betting in any round of Crazy Pineapple poker:


  • Call: To match the highest bet amount on the table in the ongoing round of play.

  • Raise: To increase the amount of bet in the same betting round.

  • Check: To continue in the game without betting any further. This action can be done by any player only if he has already match the biggest bet or if no one has opened the betting round yet.
  • Fold: To surrender the hole cards to the dealer. This means leaving the ongoing game and waiting for the next game.



  • All discarded cards will not be visible to the opponents on the player. Only the user can see his own discarded card on the top left of the table.
  • If user does not select the card in the given time, the system will discard automatically the first card from the left side.
  • If the user selects the card but does not discard in the given time, the system will discard the selected card automatically.