Surge Is Global Poker’s Answer To Fast-Fold Poker

Surge Poker is Global Poker’s new ‘Fast-Fold’ way to play poker ring games in the blink of an eye! What makes Surge (Fast-Fold Poker) unique? As soon as your hand is folded - you’ll surge forward to a new table ready for the next hand! What’s more, if you hit the fast-fold button you can fold even before the action is on you and move to a new table even quicker. It’s the perfect game for poker adrenaline junkies, as the action never stops! Surge Poker allows players to get in dozens of extra hands daily! What’s more, thanks to Surge, players can skip the various marginal hands they are dealt and skip to the more interesting ones..


When playing Surge poker, you’re placed in a ‘Player Pool’ and every time you fold you’re reseated with different opponents. Surge gives the option to fast-fold before the action even gets to you. This option can triple or even quadruple the number of hands you can play in an hour. This gives you the opportunity to win more than ever before and pack hours of entertainment into a shorter period of time.

Bottom line: Game rules (Hold’em is the most popular version of the game) and stakes stay the same. The primary change is the pace of play; the clue is in the name - Surge Poker!


  • Adrenaline Junky Poker: The fast-fold poker style gives the opportunity to play each hand at a new table with new opponents. You get to play three to four times as many hands, so you don't have to wait so long to play hands in your range! You always have a live hand and you can’t develop reads through playing multiple hands or even a style of play (player image), you have to treat each player the same. That makes for a very exciting experience, making it a poker adrenaline junkie's dream!
  • Less Stress, More Success: To many, the beauty of poker is that living-on-the-edge feeling, knowing every decision matters - every action counts! However, the beauty of Surge is that you don’t have to stress about your every move - levelling, balancing your range - because your history with your opponents is going to be minimal. This frees you up to enjoy as close to stress-free poker as possible!
  • Poker History Doesn’t Matter: The biggest change to the game is that you change tables instantly when you fold your hand. Meaning, you have no history with your opponents, giving you the opportunity to play your favored style of poker at all times. This fast-fold style makes the game unique from all other types of poker. Bottom line, you can’t develop reads on your opponents and they can’t develop reads on you!


How do Surge blinds work?

When a new table is formed, players are seated randomly relative to each other. The Big Blind is designated based on the following order of priority:

  • A new player who is yet to pay one.
  • If no new player is at the table, the player who has gone the most hands without paying the Big Blind must pay it.
  • If more than one player is in the same situation, the Big Blind is randomly assigned between them. This ensures that on average all players pay the Big Blind in equal measure.
  • If more than one player is in the same situation, the Big Blind is randomly assigned between them. This ensures that on average all players pay the Big Blind in equal measure.

How many players are required to start a game?

As soon as three players are ready to play, it’s time to shuffle up and deal. In order to maximize the number of hands you can play, table size will gradually increase as the size of the player pool grows, to a maximum of six players per table. This keeps the game surging forward at full speed.

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