What Do Real Las Vegas Poker Chips Look Like?

What Do Real Las Vegas Poker Chips Look Like?

The City of Las Vegas is billed as the entertainment capital of the world and is mainly known for mega Casino Hotels, shopping, fine dining and of course the gambling. Millions of eager visitors flock to Las Vegas every year to experience the world-famous nightlife and partake in games of chance. Like every modern Casino, the ones in Vegas have their own unique chips that have been a favorite of collectors for years, but how can you tell when you've got a real Las Vegas token and not a cheap imitation?

What Do The Poker Chips In Las Vegas Look Like?

Real Las Vegas Poker chips can range in weight from 8.5 grams to 10 grams and will be made from clay or ceramic, giving them a light, smooth feel. Despite the name, they aren't actually 100% clay; instead, they are made from a composition of materials.

Most Casinos will have standard colors, white, blue, black or red, but each place has its own distinct shade. This allows people to differentiate between the many different poker chips, and also makes it harder for counterfeiters to mimic the design. The artworks are usually high resolution, with some baring custom color combinations and UV markings.

The chips used in poker tournaments are usually cheaper and simpler in design. Some Casinos, such as the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino issue limited edition custom design chips to commemorate special events. Every chip will have intricate security features to prevent counterfeiting, the higher the denomination, the better the security.

All the top Casinos on the Las Vegas strip will have unique poker chips with the establishment's stamp, color or mark indicating where they're from. The custom designs allow Casinos to distinguish their chips from any potential fakes or foreign tokens since they are required to back up each one with the appropriate amount of real currency.

Can You Take Real Chips Out Of The Casinos In Las Vegas?

There is no specific law against taking Casino chips from Las Vegas; in fact, if you look hard enough, you can even find collectors selling the real deal on the internet. Some Casinos will have unique chips specifically for collectors, but you can just as easily take the ones used for gambling. The only drawback is you are forfeiting the cost of the chip, if you get a SC 25 poker chip, the Casino keeps your SC 25 until you redeem it. If the Casino changes their chip designs in the interim, then there is a high chance you will never be able to redeem it.

Plenty Of Fakes

From the Bellagio Casino and Red Rock Canyon to the Mirage, every establishment on the strip will have their own type of poker chip, but there are also plenty of cheap plastic alternatives bearing the name of the city. These aren’t the real deal and are mostly sold in cheap poker sets; the real thing is of much higher quality.