The History of Poker—The Venues—Introduction



Online poker might be all the rage today, however, there is a peculiar sort of magic to physical card rooms that just cannot be replicated online. Some rooms, such as the Legends Room (previously known as Bobby’s Room), are more than just venues; they’re part of a long-standing legacy of poker greatness.

Although poker is indeed an international game, the best venues are in the United States. California and Nevada are the most significant gaming states and home to the best cities for poker like Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Live poker games often have more significant stakes and looser players than online poker games, making them quite attractive to skilled players. However, these rooms are not only for professionals. Recreational and amateur poker players are a significant part of any card room; the regulars keep visiting just to enjoy a friendly game of poker and some pleasant company.

The following articles look at the biggest and most iconic poker venues worldwide. First, we look at the poker scene in California and Las Vegas, then we learn more about some of the biggest rooms in other parts of the world.

Poker is a social game and often best played on a table against other people. Online poker has made the game more accessible than ever, however, there has been no shortage of footfall at the best venues.

The bigger live tournaments like WPT and WSOP offer a unique experience and can also be considered a networking event for poker players. This social aspect often makes live poker more entertaining and engaging than online poker; mind you, it is impossible to multi-table in real life.