Players' Lounge—Louis “ldmariodl28” D.


Players' Lounge

Today we find out a little about one of our fantastic GP players.


“Ldmariodl28” in his exclusive, purple, Home Game hoodie, with his wife, filming content for their YouTube channel.

“Ldmariodl28” in his exclusive, purple, Home Game hoodie, with his wife, filming content for their YouTube channel.

1. Where do you live?

West Babylon, New York.

2. Who’s your sports team?

The teams I care the most about would be the NY Mets & NJ Devils.

3. How long have you been playing poker and what’s your earliest or fondest poker memory?

I started playing poker as part of a homegame with friends when I was 18 in 1996, but started taking it more seriously once I found out about Global Poker in 2017. The homegame I used to play in (which existed until covid) was a bunch of mixed games.

4. How long have you been playing on Global Poker?

Since 2017.

5. How did you hear about Global Poker?

Pretty sure I found it from a Facebook ad.

6. What’s your biggest win, either on Global Poker, or in live play?

My biggest win is by far the Scrimmage which was for SC 11,000.

7. Tell us about your worst poker moment.

Really don't have a worst poker moment because I have never been worried about losing since I always understood it's part of the game. I guess though anytime I'm streaming on Global Poker Live and I come close to winning the jackpot and I can't finish it off. It feels so good knowing that when I win a tournament, someone else wins as well so there is disappointment when I can't come through.

8. What’s your worst bad beat story?

I don't let bad beats get to me because I know it's part of the game and I will put many bad beats on other players as they do to me.. so I don't really have anything that stands out that I would remember 24 hours after it happened.

9. When you’re not playing poker, what’s your passion?

Aside from spending time with my family, right now I'm having a blast doing a Youtube channel with my wife
( which has taken up considerable time between filming and editing. Aside from that I play video games to unwind & watch movies when I can. We love going to the movies!

10. If you could rename a GP tournament, which tournament would it be, what would you call it and why?

It would be the Scuffle and I would call it the DonTheDude Invitational. The reason for this is because Don has always been a big supporter of my stream, and it's a tournament he dominates.. so I will always call it the DonTheDude Invitational!

Thanks, “ldmariodl28.” We appreciate your taking the time to answer our questions. We’ll see you at the DonTheDude Invitational, er, we mean the Scuffle, soon!

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