Behind The Scenes: Global Poker and The Goat II Trophy

Come with us on a journey

“Without continual growth and progress, words like improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”—Benjamin Franklin

Today we take you on a journey of one specific area of Global Poker—our trophies. What we do for our players is very important to us, and specifically with the trophies—judging by your responses to them—it’s clearly important to you too. We’d like to share the story with you of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

At Global Poker our goal is to exceed our players’ expectations. Since our beginnings—back in late 2016—we’ve constantly sought to give our players more. More games, a wider variety of formats, more tournaments, more payment and redemption choices, more rewards, bigger prizes, more fun and more entertainment.

That’s how we see it at Global Poker. We’re continuing to grow and progress. When we started, we didn’t know how things would turn out, how we would grow and what the response from players would be. It was all new. We’ve always enjoyed pushing our own boundaries, and bringing our players along for the ride, spurred on and inspired by their enthusiasm.

Read on and find out where our trophies have been and where they’re going. First, it’s worth looking at what a trophy is and why they exist.

A Trophy—What’s the reward?

"People work for money, but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards."—Dale Carnegie

There’s some interesting psychology behind rewards. We’re not going to get into that too deeply; after all, this isn’t an article for Psychology Today, it’s Global Poker. However, it’s an interesting aspect of what motivates us all, so it’s worth taking a moment to talk about rewards in general, and what they mean and symbolize.

Source: Google images.
Timothy was glad granddad had won second place in the Abe Lincoln look-a-like competition, but was annoyed granddad forgot the hat.

Everyone is familiar with trophies and rewards. We might receive them for winning a race, in exchange for having collected a certain amount of loyalty points, for a job well done, or for winning a poker tournament. The reasons are endless.

Rewards typically serve as reinforcers. A reinforcer is something that—when presented after a behavior—causes the probability of that behavior’s occurrence to increase. If you win a trophy, you’re more likely to try to win one again.

Our trophies are rare. They are coveted. Their presence on the shelves of our winners serve as symbols of a job well done; of victory over others, of grit, determination and skill. They are reminders of achievement, of which every recipient should be proud.

Speaking of reminders, we nearly forgot. Last year, ahead of The GOAT I, a couple of fired up Global Poker players—’DuQueen2Q’ and ‘Thelionsmakemesad’—apparently had themselves a lil’ side bet, and the stakes were rather high… or should we say ‘steaks’, or should that be ‘rump’?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying they should’ve made the bet—we could never condone that. However, we’re also not saying they shouldn’t have made the bet; they’re grown adults. So how did they get on? ‘Thelionsmakemesad’ won 1 trophy and ’DuQueen2Q’ won… zero. Well, this is a bit awkward… We’re not advocating anyone to get tattoos, but our Social Media team seems to think a bet is a bet…

Source: Twitter

We all need some closure. Who knows, maybe there will be another, new bet during The GOAT II...

But back to the rewards. With our rewards here at Global Poker, it’s been a gradual process to work up to bigger things. Our players enjoy fantastic Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin prizes, with more events being added to the Global Poker Championships; more series being added to the calendar every year, and more features added to the games.

This blog post is about the Goat, and to give a true reflection of the genesis of our new and improved trophy trajectory (try saying that with a mouthful of chips), we should go back in time.

Back to the Future

After a couple of seasons of the Global Poker Championships, and having difficulties finding trophies that fitted what we wanted, we decided it was time to change things. We’d been sourcing our trophies from different suppliers and we weren’t happy with how things were running. Feedback from our players was mixed. Sure, you can’t please everyone all of the time, but we knew we could do better, and we knew our players knew we could do better, and we knew our players knew we knew we could do better. And… well, you get the picture. It wasn’t long before we decided we had to take complete responsibility for the trophies. No longer satisfied with the trophies we’d been getting, we looked for a manufacturer capable of making what we wanted.

Cast your mind back to the Rattlesnake Open I. 135 events over 21 days, GC 154,000,000 and SC 721,500 in prizes.

Rattlesnake Open I

In 2018—for the Rattlesnake Open I—we had a small trophy. It had some fangs on it, and might have been more impressive if it weren’t only about 7 inches tall. It was our first Rattlesnake Open and that trophy was what we could get at the time, and our players liked it.

Source: Twitter

Rattlesnake Open II

In 2019—for the Rattlesnake Open II—the trophy we’d had the previous year wasn’t available. We didn’t find out until it was almost too late, so we went with what we could find in the circumstances…

Source: Steven Sample
Source: Krazy1legMoFo/Instagram

Source: Huskerbrad

Poker players aren’t shy when it comes to voicing their opinion on what they like and don’t like, and Global Poker players are true to form—boy did they let us know how they felt about it! We have to admit the Rattlesnake Open II trophy wasn’t our finest trophy moment. However, some players decided to take creative matters into their own hands, and they made their trophy look less…organic.

Source: KayneTrump2020

’KanyeTrump2020’ took down the Rattlesnake Open II Tournament of Champions.

Source: KayneTrump2020

Note the colourful paint job Rattlesnake Open II Tournament of Champions winner—KanyeTrump2020—did with his two rattlesnake trophies. We like the addition of the playing cards too; that’s a nice touch.

Rattlesnake Open III

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”—old proverb

In 2020—when it came to the Rattlesnake Open III—we knew we had to redeem ourselves.

We found ourselves in a position of necessity when our supplier wasn’t able to source a rattlesnake trophy. The previous trophies weren’t perfect, however they were at least snakes. This time, it seemed impossible to find a rattlesnake trophy. We were offered an alternative—a crystal plate with a snake etched on it. Not really what we had in mind—we knew our trophies had to be the animals after which the tournaments are named.

We scouted for a manufacturer capable of making what we were looking for, and eventually found one whose work matched our needs and expectations.

We sent images with details of what we wanted and they started preparing a sample. They updated us along the way, with photos and we sent feedback on what we wanted to change, or elements to include.

At last, they sent us the finished sample to inspect and make sure we were happy.

Yeah, we were happy—finally we were getting somewhere! We had a glimpse of how we could build on the great work done by other departments—poker room management, creative, the CRM team, and others—all working to promote our games, excite our players and build on the legacy we’re trying to build.

And our players loved it.

Photo source: Itsdaperr/Facebook

Photo source: Twitter


“Once you’ve built up momentum, keep it going; don’t let it dip. Keep it up, until you’ve achieved your goal.”—Author unknown.

We wanted to build on the success of the Rattlesnake Open III trophy, and to keep the momentum going with The GOAT.

For 2019—The GOAT I—the trophy was again what was available at the time. Our astute players noticed a little glitch with the goat trophy…it was a ram. A ram is a male sheep. To some, it might be a potayto potahto kind of scenario, but can you imagine if we’d handed out cobra snake trophies instead of rattlesnake trophies? Our players would’ve called us out on it big time. As it was, some players did point out our goat might have identified as being a goat, even though it was a ram.

The GOAT I Tournament of Champions Winner—Rocco A.

It’s about progress, right? The same way you work on your poker strategy, always looking to improve, strengthen your vulnerabilities, that’s how we feel about the goat trophy. We make sure we’re improving and strengthening, building on the momentum.


For 2020—The GOAT II—working with the same manufacturer, we sent a big document with details of what we were looking for. It was very detailed—the horns, the eyes, the mouth, the goatee, the position of the head, the musculature of the body, the hoofs—pretty much everything. We even had screenshots from nature videos, showing how goats fight for dominance, just to get the ‘vibe’.

The manufacturers sent back a sketch of what they saw, and we had some exchanges on what we wanted.

We already had a color scheme for our trophies, and the images we sent to the manufacturer were of nature and real goats, so initially, the goat looked more ‘natural’ than our range of trophies.

It was easy enough to fix, with a quick paint job!

Going by the pictures, once the sample looked the way we wanted, the manufacturer sent it to us, so we could inspect it in person.

And finally it arrived!

Look how happy this guy is!

The trophies go into production.

And finally, they look like this!

The trophies are made, boxed up and shipped out!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page, for this amazing work our Creative Team has done with their motion graphics skills for our ad for The GOAT.

Also, look out for these tremendous, exclusive avatars during The GOAT II.

Have you goat what it takes to beat the competition and climb your way to the top? There are 204 events, with GC 330,000,000 and SC 1,100,000 guaranteed, there are more opportunities than ever to get your hands on one of our fantastic trophies and your share of the prize pool.

What’s next for Global Poker trophies?

“It's all part of my journey—I've done a lot of stupid things, but you learn by your mistakes.”—Ozzy Osbourne

We’re on a journey, and just like Ozzy, we’re learning by our mistakes. We don’t believe our previous trophies were mistakes, they were part of our journey, and only by developing and improving will we create new and exciting opportunities for our players.

Global Poker’s trophies will continue to improve, and we’ve got plenty of exciting developments in the pipeline, you’ll see next season. But it’s not just for the trophies—we’re revitalizing and broadening other areas too. We don’t want to reveal too much here, and when the time comes, we’ll let you know. Rest assured, we’ll continue to exceed expectations and deliver on our promises.

Let us know what you think of the trophy on our Facebook page, Instagram or on Twitter.