Multi-table Poker Tournaments

Multi-table tournaments or MTTs are played all over the world and are one of the most popular competition formats available with the most famous example being the World Series of Poker. This game type is known for its more significant prizes and a massive pool of players. They are ideally suited for players who want to settle in for a prolonged online gaming session.

What Is A Multi-Table Tournament?

Multi-table tournaments are made up of many different tables; the precise number can vary from a handful to a few thousand, depending on the size of the competition. Each table has nine to ten players, who all compete to reach the final table. MTTs are suitable for all poker variants; however, Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular, well known and widely played.

How Does A Multi-Table Tournament Work?

There are a wide variety of sub-categories to multi-table tournaments, including freerolls, freezeouts, turbos and many more. Each has its own variation on the rules, but most will follow the same formula, just with a few key differences. Depending on the format, there are opportunities to rebuy if you run out of chips, add on extra chips, and collect additional bonuses through bounties on other players.

A portion of each buy-in goes towards the prize pool, and generally, once all sign-ups and rebuys are claimed or expired, the number of places which receive a prize is revealed, often the top 10%. So if there are 1000 players, then 100 will receive real cash prizes. When play begins, each table exists independently, and when more than half of the players at one table are eliminated, it will merge with another table low in numbers.

This process continues until a group of ten players makes up the final table. Players can sometimes spend days playing before they see the final table.

Differences Between A Multi-Table Tournament And Other Poker Tournaments

In For The Long Hall

Due to the massive amount of tables and players, multi-table tournaments are one of the most prolonged poker tournament formats at an online poker room.

Different Playing Styles

Because of the prolonged game, and massive numbers of players, there will be nearly every different kind of poker play style on display. With so much game time until the final table, players will inevitably need to change up their style to avoid being figured out. Loose and aggressive players will be dominant in the early stages, but that strategy is rarely sustainable for long periods. Advanced players can gather a great deal of information in the early stages and plan out strategies.

Unique Ruleset

MTTs begin at predetermined times and randomly assign tables and seating. If two or more players are taken out in the same hand, then the player who had the bigger chip stack pre-flop is considered to be ranked higher for real cash prize allocations. Most MTT tournaments will have blinds that increase at regular intervals.

Big Prize Pool

MTTs have one of the biggest poker prize pools because of the sheer number of players involved.