Knockout Poker Tournaments

Knockout poker tournaments are relatively new on the scene but are quickly becoming a favourite among poker players. It puts an exciting twist on the standard Texas Hold’em format and provides the opportunity for smart players to accumulate bonus prizes throughout the game.

What Is A Knockout Tournament?

A knockout poker tournament has most of the same rules and gameplay as a regular game of Texas Hold‘em, but with one key difference, there is a bounty on everyone's head. For every player you knock out of the tournament, you receive a predetermined bonus as a reward. The more players you eliminate, the more you accumulate.

How Knockout Tournaments Work

Knockout tournaments will generally split the initial buy-in into two pools; one is the normal prize payouts, while the second makes up the bounties paid to players for each knockout they score. This tournament type has many different formats, but the two most common are classic and progressive.


In a classic knockout tournament, part of your buy-in makes up the bounty on your head. Any player who can take you out of the game gets the bonus. If you are the overall winner, then your own bounty is added to your winnings at the end.

Example: You buy-in for SC20 and there is a SC6 bounty. SC14 goes into the prize pool, while SC6 goes to whoever knocks you out of the game. If you eliminate three players during the game and then win, you will receive the first-place prize and SC18 extra for knocking out other players, plus the SC6 bounty on your head.


Progressive tournaments put part of the buy-in towards the bounty, however, when you knock out another player, it only pays half. The other half is then added to our own bounty, making the better players more of a target, and more valuable to take out of the game.

Example: You buy-in for SC30, and SC10 goes towards your bounty. If you knock out another player, you get SC5, and the other half goes towards the prize for taking you out of the game, making it SC15. If another player eliminates you, they get SC7.50, then the other SC7.50 is added to their own bounty. This process continues until a winner is crowned.

How Knockout Tournaments Differ From Other Tournaments

Everyone Can Win Something

Unlike a lot of other tournament types, everyone has the chance to walk away with a prize regardless of what position they finish in. Whether you win or come last, there are opportunities to boost your bankroll every time you take someone out of the game.

Bigger Prize Payouts

By the time a progressive knockout game reaches the final table, bounties can be huge, and in some cases may have grown to be bigger than the prize payouts. This is why progressive knockout tournaments are so popular.

Wide Variety

Knockout tournaments come in a wide variety of formats including classics, progressives, super knockouts, turbo and hyper turbo.