Re-entry Poker Tournaments

A lot of poker players confuse rebuy and re-entry tournaments. In a rebuy tournament, players can buy more chips when they bust out, or when they have less than or equal the initial starting stack. Rebuy tournaments allow you to stay on the same table and receive another stack for the same amount as the initial buy-in. Re-entry tournaments are similar in the sense that they allow players who have busted out to re-enter the game, but they have their own set of rules that set them apart from a rebuy game.

What Is A Re-entry Tournament

After a player busts out of a re-entry tournament, they can buy back in for the same amount as the initial buy-in. Most of the time, you will receive the same amount of chips as an initial starting stack. What sets a re-entry tournament apart from a rebuy one is after re-entering the game, players are sent to a random table, it's essentially a reset.

Rules Of A Re-entry Tournament

Like a rebuy tournament, there is usually a time limit on how long players can re-enter after losing all their chips. If there is no time limit, then it will most likely have a limited amount of times players can buy back in. Once you have used all your re-entries or the time period has expired, there are no second chances, eliminations are final, and the game operates the same as a regular tournament.

In some cases, there are games with unlimited re-entry, however, in the later stages when the last few players have more chips than the initial starting stack, it's unwise to continue to buy back in. Unlike an add-on or a rebuy, to use a re-entry, a player must lose or all their chips.

Re-entry Tournaments Categories

Re-entry tournaments come in a variety of different formats including freerolls, which have one free buy-in, then costs for each subsequent re-entry. Satellite re-entry tournaments usually have a cap or a registration time limit on re-admissions, and offer registration in a more lucrative competition as a prize. Guarantee re-entry tournaments have a set prize on offer before play starts. Once enough players have joined to cover the prize pool, all extra buy-ins are added to the prize pool.

Differences Between Re-entry Tournaments And Other Tournaments

More Experienced Players

Professional and serious players are more likely to use an opportunity to re-enter the game, amateur players will usually get out once and leave the game. This means re-entry tournaments will have a tougher field of play in the later stages after the re-entry period has expired.

Looser Games

Because there is a chance to return, many players are reckless and foolish with their hands until the re-entry period expires.

Bluffing Is Difficult

Bluffing is a key tactic in poker, but without the threat of elimination, it's harder to keep the more aggressive and looser players from calling and have them respect big plays. While this problem usually goes away in the later stages of the game, the opening few hands can be very eventful.