Rebuy Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments come in a wide variety of styles and formats. There are opportunities to earn extra bonuses from knocking other players out of the game, and even add on and rebuy additional chips. Rebuy tournaments offer the chance to accumulate large amounts of chips early, and usually take several hours to get a result, perfect for players looking to have a prolonged online gaming session.

What Is A Rebuy Tournament?

A rebuy tournament allows players to buy more chips during the early stages of the game, unlike in a regular game where anyone who loses all their chips is eliminated from play automatically. If you lose all your chips, you will be offered the chance to buy back in.

How Does A Rebuy Tournament Work?

The rebuy period usually lasts for an hour or so, once the time is up, there are no more rebuys permitted. During the rebuy period, there may be a fixed number of times a player can buy back in, or an unlimited number available; it’s essential to check this information before playing.

If there is at least one rebuy, you may use it before you lose all your chips. If your stack is less than or equal to the original starting stacks, and you’re not in the hand, you can rebuy. The prize pool and the payouts for the eventual winners are not announced until after the rebuy time expires, as the prize pool increases throughout the game. The cost is usually the same as the original buy-in.

Example: If you have starting stacks of 2000, you can buy more chips when your chip count is at 2000 or below. Some players will rebuy at the start of the tournament to double their stacks and bully everyone.

How Rebuy Tournaments Differ From Other Tournaments


The ability to buy back in is the most significant difference that separates a rebuy tournament from a standard one. It opens up different possibilities and strategies not available in standard Hold’em games.

Reckless Players

Some players are more reckless during the rebuy period. They don’t play good poker and gamble on hands that have no business being played. If you are patient and wait for solid poker hands, then this can provide an excellent chance to build a sizable stack, set yourself up for later in the game and also collect bounties along the way.

Different Strategies

Rebuy tournaments offer several strategies that are not available in regular competitions. Rebuying at the start opens up a chance to double your stack and bully other players. Aggressive players can take more risks without the fear of getting knocked out of the game permanently.

Prize Pool Keeps Growing

One of the most positive effects of rebuys in a tournament is that they build the prize pool throughout the game as more players buy back in. The competition might begin with only a small prize pool but can grow to a considerable size before the end of the rebuy period because of players busting out and re-entering.