Discover new brands and score great deals.
Use Prizeout on any number of partner sites to get more for your money! Find special offers on digital giftcards from the brands you already love, and the ones waiting to be discovered.

What is prizeout?

Prizeout is a great new option for our customers to redeem their Sweeps Coins for Gift Cards from a range of high-profile retailers like: Amazon, Dunkin’ Donuts, Walmart and many more.

How does Prizeout work?

Instead of redeeming your Sweeps Coins as a bank wire transfer, you can instead select the Prizeout option on the Redemptions Page where you will be able to redeem your Sweeps Cash as an Electronic Gift Card for one from a large selection of retailers including Amazon and Walmart.

Is Prizeout available to all Global Poker players?

Only players from the USA with a verified email who are KYC-verified are currently able to redeem via Prizeout. We hope to make Prizeout available to our Canadian customers in the near future.

What’s the minimum amount redeemable via Prizeout?

Currently, the minimum redeemable amount is SC10 depending on the gift card availability of a specific product that they will choose.

How soon will I receive my gift card?

Processing times will usually be under 24 hours but we advise that during busy periods it may take up to 48 hours. That means you can receive your redemption far sooner than waiting for a wire transfer to your bank account.

Here are some of the brands that you can redeem