You love playing poker, but want a little more in return than just the love of the game. We get it, we heard you loud and clear! We’re excited to tell you about our awesome new feature—The Vault.


Ready to crack the code? The Vault is about to unlock.



In case you're not familiar, The Vault is a slick new feature—even if we do say so ourselves—that’s been designed with our poker players in mind.


No matter what type of player you are, everyone gets the same treatment in The Vault—there are more great things to come so watch this space; but to start we’ll be kicking things off with a 30% ring game giveback for Qualifying Hands.


Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for our full Vault Rules.


Our community of players are the essence of Global Poker, so as a thank you, we wanted to give something back for being the awesome player that you are.


Our maiden version of The Vault is, in a nutshell, a loyalty bonus feature awarded to ring game players every time they play a Qualifying Hand. You guys have requested this time and time again—in fact, it’s up there as one of the biggest requests—so here it is. You spoke; we listened.


It’s our way of making your social poker experience even better. And let’s face it; you’ve already told us it’s pretty dang good. But you know us; we always want to make it better.


And the best bit about it? You don’t have to do a single thing, other than play! No sign ups or hoop jumping required (providing your account is fully verified). We’ll automatically assign your accrued Vault Bonus to your Vault while you’re playing. It’s as easy as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Actually, even easier.


Your Vault Bonus will be there waiting for you and could be claimed and played at any time.



As we mentioned earlier, The Vault has been designed as a peachy little loyalty reward for our regular ring game players.


All you have to do is play our ring games! For every Qualifying Hand played in ring games, a Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin Vault Bonus will be added to the Vault in your Profile. It’s always there to view and you can claim and play at any time. Simples.



You’ll find your Vault waiting for you to claim within your Profile.


Click into your Profile. You’ll see your Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin Vault Bonuses ready for you to claim. You’ll have to claim each of them separately—you’ll get a separate Vault for each mode of play.


You can also track your claims in your ‘Transaction History’. Click on ‘Transaction History’, and you’ll see your Vault Bonus added to your transactions.



Think about it. You love poker. We love poker. We love you playing at Global Poker. This neat new feature is for players who are in it for the love of the game.


Whatever the result at the table, The Vault means that every time you play, you’ll get more from your game.


Unlock more poker. Unlock more play. Unlock The Vault.



  1. This ‘Vault’ feature only applies to ring games (in both Standard Play and Promotional Play).
  2. A ‘Qualifying Hand’ is a ring game hand where a ‘rake’ (i.e. a small fraction of the pot for that hand) is taken by Global Poker. ‘Rake’ is only applied to hands that reach the ‘Flop’ stage.
  3. There is a GC Vault and a SC Vault. Gold Coins collected from Qualifying Hands in Standard Play will go into the GC Vault, and Sweeps Coins collected from Qualifying Hand in Promotional Play will go into the SC Vault.
  4. Players are required to play through their SC Vault balance before being able to redeem for prizes.
  5. In order to claim a Vault Bonus, players will need to verify their account. Please refer to our Getting Started Guide for full instructions.
  6. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to discontinue or amend this feature at any time without notice, including but not limited to changing the giveback percentage.
  7. By playing our ring games, you agree to be bound by:
  8. all our terms, rules and policies available on our website, including but not limited to our Terms and Conditions and Card Room Rules; and
  9. our decisions, which are final on all matters relating to ring games and this feature.