This Year Your Turkey is on Us

November 26 might be Thanksgiving, but on November 22 you might be giving thanks if you’re one of the lucky players in The Big Bird, our Thanksgiving-themed Sunday Scrimmage, with plenty of prizes to be won.

Americans across the country have been celebrating Thanksgiving since 1621. That’s a mighty long time. And what would Thanksgiving be without a big bird? It’s the tradition—a huge turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a multitude of potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

This year will probably involve less travel, a few more internet bandwidth issues as people video chat with loved ones, and for some it might be the first time they’ve spent Thanksgiving away from family. As we all deal with 2020 and play the hands we’ve been dealt, we could all do with showing gratitude for our friends and family, and everything we have. Or as the great American writer Ernest Hemingway put it, “Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is." Wise words Mr Hemingway, thanks.

Global Poker is celebrating Thanksgiving with the following special event.


Sunday Scrimmage—The Big Bird


Final Table

Make it to The Big Bird final table, you’ll not only receive your usual Sweeps Coins prizes, but you’ll also receive a $100 Amazon voucher, to cover the cost of your big turkey for Thanksgiving, with all the trimmings.


If you place, but don’t make the final table, you’ll receive a $50 Amazon voucher, on top of the usual Sweeps Coins prizes.

Qualifying players will receive their e-voucher on Monday November 23.

Make sure you’re registered to play, or you could be looking at an empty plate come Thanksgiving.