GC 750,500,000 GTD SC 1,540,000 GTD

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The long-standing Eagle Cup returns for its fifth flight. The championship that started it all is back—The Eagle Cup V—and there are great prizes to get your talons on.

The Eagle Cup V, in a egg shell:

  • 21 days of eagle action
  • 102 Gold Coin trophy events, with GC 750,500,000 in total prizes guaranteed
  • 102 Sweeps Coins trophy events, with SC 1,540,000 in total prizes guaranteed
  • Low buy-ins, never more than GC 22,000 or SC 99
  • Main Events with GC 40,000,000 and SC 200,000 in total prizes guaranteed
  • Opening GC 5M and SC 5,000 Freeroll on Oct 24th
  • Exclusive, limited-edition Eagle Cup V apparel*
  • Fantastic prizes for Eagle Cup V Leaderboard winners
* Access to Eagle Cup V specific prizes is through participation in Gold Coin events only.

Cast your eagle eye over our Promotion Rules for details.


With 21 days to catch yourself one of our majestic Eagle Cup trophies, take a look at the schedules to plan your attack.



Aside from the large GC 750,500,000 and SC 1,540,000 in total series prizes guaranteed, we’ve also got some sweet, limited-edition swag for you.


For winners of buy-in events—from both GC and SC play—you stand to get one of these (not so) little beauties.

Eagle Cup V Trophy

Gold Coin event winners stand to win some Eagle Cup V specific swag—show off who's at the top of the pecking order—Eagle Cup V hoodie, T-shirt & cap.

Eagle Cup V Merch

Sweeps Coin event winners don’t go back to the nest empty-handed (taloned? No, that’s too far), and stand to win some of our core swag—hoodie, T-shirt & cap.

Eagle Cup V Brand Merch


Both winners and participants stand a chance to add these to their avatar collection.

Eagle Cup V Avatars

Eagle Leaderboard

For the first time in a Global Poker Championship, we’re using a leaderboard to determine the overall winner. This will replace the Tournament of Champions we’ve held previously. Fear not, the prizes will be big. As big as a great Philippine eagle, or a Stellar’s eagle, or a White-tailed eagle (depending if you prefer length, weight or width for your measure of magnitude...).

Top prizes await leaderboard winners of both GC and SC events.

Leaderboard Prizes

Leaderboard winners stand to win the following:

Gold Coin Leaderboard
1st placeGC 5,000,000 + Eagle Cup V hoodie, T-shirt & cap
2nd placeGC 1,000,000 + Eagle Cup V T-shirt & cap
3rd placeGC 900,000 + Eagle Cup V T-shirt & cap
4th placeGC 800,000 + Eagle Cup V T-shirt
5th placeGC 700,000 + Eagle Cup V T-shirt
6th placeGC 550,000 + Eagle Cup V T-shirt
7th placeGC 450,000 + Eagle Cup V cap
8th placeGC 350,000 + Eagle Cup V cap
9th placeGC 250,000 + Eagle Cup V cap
10th placeGC 100,000 + Eagle Cup V cap
Sweeps Coin leaderboard
1st$2,500 in cash, opportunity to represent Global Poker at a Live Event and another $2,500 to help with this + GP hoodie, T-shirt & cap
2ndSC 1,000 + GP T-shirt & cap
3rdSC 900 + GP T-shirt & cap
4thSC 800 + GP T-shirt
5thSC 700 + GP T-shirt
6thSC 550 + GP T-shirt
7thSC 450 + GP cap
8thSC 350 + GP cap
9thSC 250 + GP cap
10thSC 100 + GP cap

See Promotion Rules for more details

Hometown Heroes

Eagle Cup V Hometown Heroes

Eagle Cup V Champion Pack winners are eligible to enter the Hometown Heroes promotion. Wear your Global Poker merch and show off your trophy, showcasing your special part of the world and you might pick up some amazing prizes.* Follow us on social media to see the other Hometown Heroes.

Hometown Heroes is open to all players who receive a Champions Pack for winning an Eagle Cup V trophy event. These players have the unique opportunity to get their hands on extra prizes for sharing some Global Poker love via one of our social media channels—Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure you check out our Hometown Heroes Rules Page to find out how you might win these extra GC and SC prizes.

*Given the current situation, we advise all players to use best judgement here.

Don't Miss Out

Play in the weekly tournaments you love, plus have the chance to win bigger prizes! During the dates of the Eagle Cup V, some tournaments, including the Saturday and Sunday majors will be replaced by the Eagle Cup V tournament editions, at the same time and with the same buy-in.

Make sure you’re registered with Global Poker to play in the Eagle Cup V, and get ready to shred the competition!

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