Anyone who has an interest in gaming or games, will be well aware of the massive popularity of poker. Players win millions of dollars online and in glitzy casinos across the world daily. With that said, the game may seem daunting for many beginners. It uses its own language and might appear to have many complex rules and strategies to win. That's why Global poker set up its poker school, the ultimate gateway into poker game play across all disciplines, including ring and tournament poker. Making it  remarkably easy to play and win!

Top Tips Pre-Flop Poker Strategy

January 24, 2019 | Marcus Davis

The poker learning never stops, that’s why it’s the greatest game! As your skills improve and your desire for more challenging games increases, you’ll naturally move up in stakes with the games you play. To keep things simple, let’s start with the most important street in poker – Pre-flop. This is where you’re going to use your skills, strategy and tactics to do the most influential work for you. Let’s have a look at what you should be considering pre-flop to improve your game.

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Ring Game Strategy

August 9, 2018 | Marcus Davis

Poker is the perfect blend of strategy, skill, and risk, requiring mental aptitude, endurance, and tenacity. You need to know how to manage risk and capitalize on opportunity. Ring games are just as you imagine – poker you play for cash. You know this if you’ve ever been to Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City, but you’re less likely to have seen online poker offering the chance to win real cash prizes before.

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