Sit'n'Go Poker Tournaments

Poker has some of the best game types at the online casino, with a multitude of formats for both beginners and advanced players. Sit’n’Go poker tournaments are a fast-paced knockout style game that are an excellent entry point for beginners and a fun gaming experience for more advanced players.

What Is A Sit’n’Go Poker Tournament?

Online Sit'n'Go poker tournaments are usually played between six to ten players and can last anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour or two. The buy-in is a fixed rate, and everyone receives the same amount of chips. The game can begin as soon as the table has enough players. Sit'n'Go tournaments have all the action of a regular tournament, but without the requirement of investing many hours to reach the final table.

How Sit’n’Go Poker Tournaments Work

Sit'n'Go poker tournaments can begin as soon as the table has the minimum amount of designated players. The blinds usually increase at timed intervals and force a sense of urgency to increase your stack, or lose all your chips to the blinds. There are no rebuys, add ons, or second chances. When players lose all their chips, they are eliminated, and the last two to three players at the table win the prize pool made up of all the buy-ins.

Sit'n'Go tournaments can be played with as few as two players; however, most require at least six. Once the full amount of players are at the table, no one else can join. If it's a nine-person tournament, only a total of nine people can enter the game. There are several different types of Sit'n'Go's, including, turbos, bounty, and double or nothing. Sit'n'Go competitions offer the thrill of poker, except every game is like reaching the final table.

Difference Between A Sit’n’Go Poker Tournament And Other Tournaments

Quick Starts

Sit’n’Go poker tournaments begin as soon as the minimum number of players are at the table, the waiting times are much shorter, and there are fewer restrictions on when you can sign-up. Most other tournament formats have a sign-up period that requires players to register a certain amount of time before the game begins. Other tournaments can also have a rebuy time limit or some other aspect that allows multiple players to stay in the game and prolong it.

Lightning Fast Games

Generally, Sit’n’Go poker tournaments are over in less than an hour. The steadily increasing blinds, lack of rebuys and a limited number of players ensure that you won’t be stuck playing for hours against a massive group of other players. While some can seat dozens of players, most will have less than ten. It's best to check the rules and player caps before joining to ensure there aren't any surprises.

Smaller Prize Pools

Fewer players means a smaller prize pool than a regular tournament, while this could be seen as a drawback, compared to the amount of effort it takes to finish a standard tournament, Sit’n’Go poker is far better value for your time and Sweeps Coins.